Affinity Global (AffGlo) is a major Canadian debt collection agency that recovers delinquent debts on behalf of its creditors.

We’ve written this guide so you know who they are, your rights under federal law, and what to do if AffGlo calls you.

What is Affinity Global?

Affinity Global (AffGlo) is a third-party debt collection agency that operates nationally across Canada.

According to its website, the company provides account receivable management, business process outsourcing, customer acquisition, customer care, software development and technical support solutions.

If AffGlo has contacted you about an outstanding debt, read this guide before you act.

Is Affinity Global legit: are they a scam?

Affinity Global is a legitimate debt collection agency operating in Canada that makes outbound debt collection calls to recover money from consumers.

The company is headquartered in Markham, Ontario, with a regional office in Montreal. The collection agency is a global operation with offices throughout North America and Europe.

They are also known as Global Credit & Collection Inc.

Who does AffGlo collect for?

Affinity Global provides third-party collections for several industries, including banking, automotive, insurance, retail and credit card companies. They collect for telecommunication companies, including Rogers and Fido.

Affinity Global reviews: how many complaints have been made?

Affinity Global is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has a C- BBB rating.

Although customer reviews are not used to calculate the BBB grade, the average rating is 1 out of 5.

Affinity Global complaints

There have been 97 total complaints about Affinity Global on the Better Business Bureau in the last three years.

  • 34 complaints were closed in the last twelve months.
  • Of the 21 complaints visible on Better Business Bureau, there are 13 answered, 4 unanswered and 4 resolved.
  • 18 were billing and collection issues, and 3 were problems with the service.

Why is Affinity Global calling me?

If you are receiving calls from Affinity Global, it might be for one of the following reasons:

  • You might owe a debt to a creditor, and they are collecting it on their behalf.
  • They might be calling the wrong number or someone who previously had the phone number.
  • They could be calling to request contact information for someone you know or someone who works for you.
  • They might want you to acknowledge or pay a small token amount towards an old debt that isn’t legally enforceable. Doing so would reset the clock on the statute of limitations, allowing them to pursue legal action again.

If you don’t think you owe any money to Affinity Global, or they have the wrong number, contact them immediately using the contact information below.

The debt collection process

A creditor can send your account to a debt collection agency when a debt is overdue. The collection agency must send a written notice informing you of this.

You’ll receive a letter advising you to pay by a specific date—usually within ten days—with information on how to contact them, payment terms and how to pay.

Debt collectors will make telephone calls and send texts, emails and letters until you settle the debt.

The debt collection process in Canada

How to verify a debt collection agency like Affinity Global

Affinity Global’s phone number is 1-800-563-4929. Call them directly to ask if they called you, but don’t answer any questions or provide further information.

If a call from AffGlo seems like a scam:

  • Reach out to the original creditor to see if any collections activity is in progress.
  • Use the Better Business Bureau to investigate the company, read reviews, and get a valid phone number.
  • Contact your local consumer affairs office, which can advise you further.

Report the incident to the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre if you feel it’s a fraud, phishing or scamming attempt.

If a Collection Agency Contacts You in Canada - Dos and Don'ts

Affinity Global (AffGlo) contact number

If you want to contact Affinity Global (Affglo), their contact number and website are listed below.

Address: 1490 Denison St, Markham, ON, L3R 9T7, Canada
Phone Number: 1-800-563-4929

When can debt collection agencies like Affinity Global call me?

In Canada, debt collection agencies like Affinity Global can only contact you during certain hours of the day.

Monday to Saturday Sunday
Alberta 7am – 10pm 1pm – 5pm
British Columbia 7am – 9pm 1pm – 5pm
Manitoba 7am – 9pm Not allowed
New Brunswick 7am – 9pm 1pm – 5pm
Newfoundland and Labrador 8am-10pm 1pm – 5pm
Northwest Territories 7am – 9pm 1pm – 5pm
Nova Scotia 8am-9pm Not allowed
Nunavut 9am-7pm 1pm – 5pm
Ontario 7am – 9pm 1pm – 5pm
Prince Edward Island 8am-9pm Not allowed
Quebec 8am-8pm Not allowed
Saskatchewan 8am-9pm Not allowed
Yukon 7am-9pm Not allowed

If you want to correspond in writing and stop unwanted calls, you can send a written request to Affinity Global to write to you instead, provided you supply a mailing address.

What can Affinity Global collections do?

Affinity Global will attempt to contact you in many different ways. You will receive phone calls, voicemails, mail and emails from them.

AffGlo collections will use skip-tracing tactics to retrieve your contact information if they cannot find you or you have relocated.

Debt collectors can:

  • Search public records to find your contact information.
  • Contact your neighbours, friends and family to get your telephone number or address. They cannot discuss your debts or personal information.
  • Contact your employer once to verify your employment and get your phone number and address. They cannot disclose information about you or the debt.
  • If you ask someone to guarantee your debt, a debt collector can call them.
Debts in collections damage your credit score and can result in legal action.

If you don’t resolve the debt promptly, debt collectors report the debt to Canada’s credit bureaus, who add this information to your credit report, damaging your credit score.

Can Affinity Global sue me?

If you ignore Affinity Global, they may take legal action against you. You must respond within three weeks, or the court order will be granted.

If they successfully obtain a court order, they can apply a wage garnishment, garnish your bank account, or place a lien on your house or property.

You can dispute the claim, pay the debt or seek debt relief. If you are facing court action and need help defending yourself, consult a lawyer or Licensed Insolvency Trustee.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees can stop collection calls, lift wage garnishments, end all legal action and freeze interest on debts.

Under a statute of limitations, Affinity Global can only take legal action for a set number of years, starting from your last payment or when you last acknowledged the debt.

The debt statute of limitations period in Canada is 2-6 years.

The time limit varies depending on where you live:

  • Alberta: 2 years
  • British Columbia: 2 years
  • Manitoba: 6 years
  • New Brunswick: 6 years
  • Newfoundland and Labrador: 2 years
  • Nova Scotia: 6 years
  • Ontario: 2 years
  • Prince Edward Island: 6 years
  • Quebec: 3 years
  • Saskatchewan: 2 years
  • Nunavut, Yukon and the Northwest Territories: 6 years

If you acknowledge that you owe money to Affinity Global or make a payment towards the debt, the time is reset, giving the collection agency more time to take legal action against you.

Some collection agencies even threaten to sue consumers when they don’t intend to make them pay.

The Statute of Limitations on Debt in Canada

Can Affinity Global garnish my wages?

Affinity Global can garnish your wages if they successfully take you to court. If you don’t respond to court action, the court will rule in favour of Affinity Global.

Creditors can ask the court to serve a wage garnishment order on your employer or bank.

Can Affinity Global damage my credit score?

If you receive calls from debt collectors like Affinity Global and choose to ignore them, it can damage your credit score.

Accounts in collections are sent to the credit bureaus and added to your credit report. Collections appear on your credit report for six years.

Every credit account on a credit report is given a credit rating through a series of letter and number codes. The best rating is 1, and the worst is 9.

Payment history on credit reports - credit ratings

A credit account in collections is recorded as 9, the worst rating available.

In Canada, accounts in collections appear on your credit report for 6 years.

If you pay the balance within ten days of receiving the initial debt collection notice, you’ll avoid a record of collection on your credit report.

Rights and fair debt collection practices when dealing with a debt collector like Affinity Global

Under federal laws, a debt collector must carry out fair debt collection practices under the industry code of conduct:

  • Whenever a debt collector contacts you, they must identify themselves and provide the company name.
  • Debt collectors cannot give misleading or false information to collect a debt.
  • They cannot harass, threaten or intimidate you.
  • They cannot use threatening, profane, intimidating or threatening language.
  • They cannot apply undue, excessive or unreasonable pressure to make you pay.

Affinity Global complaints

If you feel a collection agency has violated your rights or are experiencing collection harassment from a company, complain to the consumer affairs office in your province or territory.

How to stop Affinity Global from calling

Paying the debt collection agency will stop further legal action. You can pay the total debt or arrange a payment plan based on your income.

Negotiating with AffGlo

Sometimes, you can negotiate a settlement with AffGlo by offering a lump sum for less than the total balance. This can save you money; most collection agencies will accept such an offer. Just make sure you get the agreement in writing.

If you’re unsure whether you owe Affinity Global money, ask for more information in writing. Don’t answer any questions or acknowledge that you owe the debt.

It’s easy to accumulate debt and get into financial difficulties. If you cannot make payments towards your debt but want to stop harassing debt collection calls from Affinity Global collections and other creditors, get help from a Licensed Insolvency Trustee now.

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